Christmas Monster


The Christmas Monster is an exiting new datapack that adds a very powerful, Christmas-themed miniboss to your Minecraft world! It is equipped with many powerful abilities that make the fight quite challening and exiting!

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The Christmas Monster


To spawn The Christmas Monster, you must first construct the tree shown below. This tree must be made out of spruce logs and spruce leaves.

Next, you must throw either a golden block or a diamond block on the very top of the tree. Once this action has been completed, the item will disapear and the spawning process will begin. Depending on the item you use, you will spawn either a weaker or a stronger variant of the Christmas Monster.

Christmas Monster Golden Block


Health - 400

Armor - 6

Damage - 10

Drops - 1 Present

Christmas Monster Diamond Block


Health - 600

Armor - 6

Damage - 14

Drops - 3 Presents


The Christmas Monster has 5 different abilities it can use in battle. It will use one ability about every 15-30 seconds. The abilities are completly unaffected by the type of Christmas Monster you are facing.

The Christmas Monster spawns a present on the ground. This present, after 4 seconds, will open and something will pop out. The present can spit out one of the following: Emerald, Lapis, Lit TNT, Creeper, Mimic

The Christmas Monster creates an immensily cold cloud of ice that will damage all players who walk in it. All players who enter will also be given slowness, by contrast, the Christmas Monster will be speed up upon entering. This cloud will perisist for roughly 60 seconds before dissipating.

The Christmas Monster creates a powerful cloud of snow around its current position. This cloud of snow damages and applies slowness and weakness to all players who get caught in it.

The Christmas Monster spawns a magical ball of ice that will hover in one place and shoot projectiles at the nearest player. These projectiles will apply slowness and deal damage.

The Christmas Monster immediatly spawns 3 mimics at its current location. The mimic looks very similar to the Christmas Monster, but is far, far weaker.

Christmas Present

Upon death, the Christmas Monster will drop a present (or three if you killed the Diamond variant). This present is full of lovley goodies, some practicle and some decorative.


At the present moment in time, there are no commands that can be ran by the player.
This will change in the near future.