Gamingbarn's Morphs


Gamingbarn's Morph Datapack is a simple datapack that enables every player in your world to morph into one of around sixty different morphs. Several morphs also allow the player to choose a skin for that specific morph, allowing for even more selection! More detailed instructions about the morphing system are avaliable on the Morphs section of this page.

Gamingbarn's Morphs Datapack © 2024 by Gamingbarn
is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International

This license affects datapack versions V1.11 and above.

An exception is made for video content, which can be monetized.
However, video creators must give appropriate credit by leaving a DIRECT link to this page in the video description.
Do not reupload this on other sites.

Official downloads are on:


To morph in Gamingbarn's Morphs, you must use the chat-based menu. To bring up a menu listing all mobs you can morph into, run the command: /trigger morph

When you've found a morph you wanna try, simply click on its name and you will be transformed!

Some morphs have special abilities that can be activated with [?Shift]! For example, the chicken can lay eggs and the spider can climb walls!

A full list of all morph abilities is below:

  • Cow - Drink Milk; clears all effects
  • Creeper - Self Destruct; explode, killing self
  • Bee, Parrot, Allay, Blaze, Phantom - Fly; fly upwards, float downwards
  • Vex - Fast Fly; Fly upwards fast, but don't float
  • Fox - Pounce; jump height increased; damage increased on decent
  • Mooshroom - Drink Stew; restores hunger
  • Chicken - Lay Egg; spawns an egg
  • Sheep - Eat Grass; eat the grass off of below grass blocks
  • Evoker - Spawn Fangs; spawn evoker fangs at nearby hostile mobs
  • Silverfish - Burrow; can hide in stone blocks; invulnerable when hiding


Many of the morphs avaliable in Gamingbarn's Morphs have alternate variants they can appear as. To change the current skin for a given morph, run the command: /trigger skins

Admin Commands

At the present moment, there are no admin commands that operators can use to control the morphing experience. This will change in the future.