Temple Relics


This data pack adds in three brand new magicical items to Minecraft. Once obtained, they can be quite useful in a variety of different scenarios. Each item is very strong, however, you must do a few thing before you can use them.

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There are 2 different items you must obtain before you can use a relic. Understanding where you can find these items is fundamental to Temple Relics.

Unactivated Relics

The first step in using the powerful relics is first to find them. They will be unactivated, meaning you cannot yet use them.

Relic Gems

The next step into using the relics is to obtain their gems. Once you get the gems you can finally use your relic.

The Creeper Relic Gem is droppped by the Relic Creeper. The Relic Creeper can be identified by it's charged appearance, and they will occasionally spawn at night like most hostile mobs. The Relic Creeper is a much stronger creeper boasting increased health, knockback resistance, and damage. They will also explode instantly upon contact. If they explode, they do not drop the gem.

The Ocelot Relic Gem is dropped by the Relic Ocelot. The Relic Ocelot is very fast, and can be spotted from a very unique feature it has. All Relic Ocelots will have an end crystal on their back, making them very explosive. If they exploder, they will drop their gem. Relic Ocelots can spawn occasionally in jungles or around villages.

The Guardian Relic Gem is dropped by the Relic Guardian. The Relic Guardian is a weaker variant of the normal guardian. However, they have no noticeable traits and can only be identified by their name above their head. This name is only visible if you look directly at the Relic Guardian, however.

Activated Relics

Once you have the unactivated relic and its corresponding gem, you can finally use the relic. To socket the relic, simply right click with the unactivated relic while the gem is in your inventory. Once socketed, the relic can be used. To use the relic, either right click or sneak and right click. Right click is the normal ability, and sneak right click is the more powerful ability.

The Creeper relic is all about explosions. If you right click, you will produce a small explosion. This small explosion will damage nearby entities and it won't break blocks. If you sneak AND right click, you will produce a larger explosion. This larger explosion deals more damage, but will break blocks. You are completely immune to your own explosions.


Right Click - Small Explosion

Right Click Cooldown - 40 sec

Sneak Right Click - Large Explosion

Sneak Right Click Cooldown - 60 sec

The Ocelot Relic is all about speed. You can either hold right click to receive a constant speed boost, or you can sneak and right click to receive a massive but temporary boost of speed.


Right Click - Small Speed Boost - Lasts 1 sec

Right Click Cooldown - 0 sec

Sneak Right Click - Massive Speed Boost - Lasts 10 sec

Sneak Right Click Cooldown - 40 sec

The Guardian Relic allows you to shoot a powerful laser at your enemies. If you right click, your movement speed will be vastly lowered and all enemies hit by your beam will take 1 damage per tick. If you sneak AND right click, you will shoot a much more powerful laser, dealing 3 damage per tick. However, you cannot move and you will take damage over time.


Right Click - 1 Damage Laser

Right Click Cooldown - 0 sec

Sneak Right Click - 3 Damage Laser

Sneak Right Click Cooldown - 0 sec


At the present moment there are only a few commands added by Temple Relics.

You can give yourself any of the activated relics by running the command:
/function give:[ITEM_NAME]
Replace [ITEM_NAME] with the name of the activated relic you want to get.