Diamond Piglins


Diamond Piglins is a very simple datapack that adds one new mob into the game.

When this new mob is killed, it will drop unbreakable diamond gear. This diamond gear will not take durability damage. This special diamond gear can also be upgraded to netherite.

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There is one new mob, the Diamond Piglin

Diamond Piglin

The Diamond Piglin is a special piglin with a unique facination with diamonds. This piglin bears very unique diamond gear that is completly unbreakable. Upon death, the Diamond Piglin will drop this special gear. The unbreakable diamond gear the Diamond Piglin drops can be upgraded to netherite and will still retain its unbreakable properties. The Diamond Piglin has a chance to spawn in place of regular piglins.


Health - 16

Armor - 16

Damage - 8

Effects - Neutral Until Attacked


Diamond Piglins has one command that can be ran by players with operator.

You can spawn in the Diamond Piglin by running the command:
/function summon:diamond_piglin