The Harvester


The Harvester is a brand new Miniboss added by this datapack. Upon death, he drops a quite usefull and powerful new weapon. However, killing him is no easy feat. The Harvester has multiple different attacks he can use during combat.

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The Harvester


To spawn The Harvester, you must first construct the scarecrow shown below.

Next, you must throw a golden hoe on top of the scarecrow. Once this action has been completed, the hoe will disapear and the spawning process will begin.

The Harvester


Health - 500

Armor - 6

Damage - 2

Effects - Immune to Kockback; Inflicts Wither

Even without his special abilities, The Harvester is a very formidable foe. His immensely high HP and his knockback immunity make him very powerful.


The Harvester has 5 different abilities he can use in battle. He will use one ability about every 15 seconds.

The Harvester Bashes the area around him. This attack will destroy nearby blocks and deal 4 damage to all nearby players.

The Harvester looks up and produces an ear-splitting scream. This attack damages all nearby players by 4 and applies weakness, mining fatiuge, and slowness.

The Harvester emits a noxious black cloud. This attack with apply wither and blindess to all nearby players

The Harvester jumps up into the air and slams back towards the ground. Upon hitting the ground, all nearby players are damaged by 4 and recive slowness and nasuea.

The Harvester stands still and summons 5 small little monsters called Croplings. The Cropling has very low HP, but is incredibly fast.

The Harvester's Scythe

The Harvester's Scythe is dropped by The Harvester upon his death. It is a moderatly good weapon, dealing 7.5 attack damage. It has all of the functionality of a normal hoe, and it is enchated with Efficiency V.

The Harvester's Scythe does have a special ability. If you sneak while holding the scythe on top of fully crown crops, the crops are harvested and replanted. You will also move significantly faster while sneaking on crops.


At the present moment in time, there are no commands that can be ran by the player.
This will change in the near future.